Monday, May 3, 2010

Your new football is a twitter ball, and it does not go too far.

I thought about writing a long intro to this post, I actually had already written one but erased it by mistake. My previously erased post went on about how my future brother in law is a #1 all time, all weather Redskins fan. NO LOSS ever prevents him from being a fan, "through thick or thin" he always says. Family members and friends pressure him to jump ship (ALWAYS) But he's better than that, he knows not to go a sometimes better looking route, but wait it out with his Skins. When Oscar (my future bro-in-law) hears anyone in the media trash talk the Skins, he gets ANGRY!!!!!! Well, not angry, he's not scary or anything like that, but he does feel disapointed when he feels that the local media are the ones doing the most damage. He gets even more passionate when former players do the trash talking.

Well, I won't bore you no more. I've introduced my brother in law to you. (he's a nice guy, and a great quarterback) Now I will introduce Lavarr Arrington. (he needs no introduction)

Check out this twitter convo between my bro in law Oscar and Lavarr.

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