Thursday, May 6, 2010

Los Suns and not The Suns

In support for the Hispanic Community, the Phoenix Suns have changed their jersey logo to 'Los Suns' They jersey change honors the Latino community, the diversity in the league, the state of Arizona and the Nation

I agree with the 'Los Suns' jersey idea, I think it's a smart thing to do in support for the Latino community. On the other hand, there are people complaining about the fact that the NBA arena should not be used as a political arena; and in a way I agree with them. I feel that if you go to a basketball game, or a hockey game, it should be a place where all kinds can congregate. Other than watching your favorite team, or enjoying your favorite sport, people go to sports games to relax, unwind, and forget about a day's work. My mixed emotions come from the fact that I am a Latino, I was born in Venezuela. I know what it is to work hard for a legal status, to pay your fees, and to want to live a better life. That's why I agree with 'Los Suns'

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Feel free to pass this link around, share it with others. The cartoon may be funny, but the matter is serious. Whether you support the new Arizona law or not, it affects you.

what do you think about the NBA, or any other league using their arena to express their political views?

would this situation be different if the jersey's said something pro-the Arizona law?

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