Thursday, April 29, 2010

E.T. tweet Home, E.T. tweet home

There are a couple of interesting things going on in outer space right now.
First, Astronomers find an Icy Asteroid orbiting the sun between Mars and Saturn. Scientists believe that this could answer the question as to where did the Earth get it's water from?
If you look at it from a religious point of view you already know the answer, but if you're a science geek, or if intergalactic mysteries attract you; then this article's for you!

The other interesting thing is that Nasa has been trying to phone E.T for a couple of years now.
"E.T. phone home, E.T. phone home" you remember the movie, we finally had contact with a real Alien. Could you imagine that??? The super almighty technologically advanced aliens coming to earth to greet us. Well, that's exactly what Nasa has been doing. Two years ago Nasa blasted the Beatles song 'Across the Universe' with hopes that they would answer or respond? Yeh it's ok I don't see that either. Now they have come up with 28 different missions to explore the cosmos and our solar system.

Since Twitter is so popular, have they considered sending tweets to outer space? is 140 enough to rech alien life form?

Well here's a link to the article from the Post. Enjoy and don't kill yourself trying to communicate with the galaxy.

This is a good feeling

This year my fiance and I had the opportunity to attend the Herblock Award Prize Ceremony (No we did not crash it) This year's winner is Politico's Matt Wuerker; you can check out his work here

It was amazing to be able to see Herblock's original work face to face. I had seen some before but not quite like this.

It is an honor for me to be in the same page as these great artists.
Thank you Michael Cavna for including me.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How would I look deep inside?

I have yet to go through a Airport Scanner, I don't know how confortable I would feel; I figure not much. What if these scanners would show more than what's supposed to? I mean as if nudity wasn't enough, what if they showed our inner self? Well, for Arizona governor Jan Brewer it might look like this. What if we scanned her inside heart? We may find HATE, RACISM, DISCRIMINATION, LOVE.......LOVE?? did I just say LOVE? She may be a caring person (to her own kind) she may lovable and affectionate (to her own kind) But let's get real, if you end up signing a law like the Arizona SB1070 all that "love" and "care" may be questioned.

So upon reading a bit of history on the 'Brewer' name, I come to see that their reason for leaving England was to escape chaos at the time. Chaos still haunts it's citizens all over the world. What's going on in Mexico and all the Cartels? What's going on in the Middle East and all it's dangers?
What about the earthquakes? what about hunger? All these are reasons for people to want to migrate to a better place. Isn't that the same thing that the Brewers do? They were immigrants when they arrived to England from Germany, and they were immigrants again when they arrived to the US. It's all a bit funny when you think about it, I'm sure Jan Brewer has never thought about her family past.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The old you was just not good enough

Forget the that today's is Earth Day, forget about the Volcano boycotting flights to and from Europe, it's all about the C-note baby!

The $100 bill aka the Benjamin, the C-note (however you want to call it) is the highest counterfeited note, and the last one bill to undergo a redesign.

Take a look:

It's moving bells and 100's are only some of the new security details added to the $100 note that will be introduced to the public Feb 10 2011.

Check out an interactive look at the new $100 bill

It's ok Benji thank God the new designers did not forget about you.

Sorry guys, I guess your designs weren't as cool as the new one....


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