Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let Freedom Reign

Brotha from a different motha

I'll do what it takes to step on you.

So did Chavez cheat on his elections? and is what's happening in Iran right now simply a mirror image of what's been going on in America?
Mousavi in house arrest along with other opposition leaders? Armed forces killing protesters and abusing their power?
All for the power all at the same time. Soon enough they will start falling soon.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So.......now what?

David Kellerman commits suicide/troubled company

Former Freddie Mac CFO David Kellerman decides to end his life, while leaving his wife, and their 5 year old daughter. Freddie Mac executives were to receive $210 million in bonuses, that's a lot of money when they've already been given tax payers $$ to not fail.

This is almost as bad as going to church, getting the pastor to ask for a donation from the congregation because you're in "need" to then gamble it away. Does that make sense? Should he have gone that way?

Tell you what.

I just did.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Arlen Specter switching parties, but who will he stay faithful to?

Arlen Specter quits the Republican party to join the Democratic party

this cut out is from the
Philly Daily News
where my Arlen Specter cartoon
was published.

Talk bad about me, and love me at the same time.

I HATE YOU! but can I please take a picture with you?

We all know Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has plenty of good things to say about the US right? Well not really, he's never had anything good to say. But at a meeting with the leaders from UNASUR, an association of the 12 South American nations Chavez did not waste a second to have a camera moment with "Imperialism" president Barrack Obama. He also had the chance to gift Obama a book titled "The Open Veins of Latin America" perhaps it should have been called "The oil spilling veins of Hugo Chavez" or "Hipocrisy for dummies"

Socialism? Country? or Death? no one's buying it.

Who knew pigs flew?

The Swine Flu is here!!!! the swine flu is here!!!

So the swine flu came, it left? it came back? other things happened in the news, people forgot about it, really forgot about it and then people started to die here in the US. With the war on the cartels and drug trafficking, you could say that this flu was sent by the cartels to kill more U.S citizens. Or not at all.

Ofcourse it didn't happen that way, but please do cover your mouth when you cough.

The Fresh Prince of the Hill

You're fired!!!

When president Obama fired Rick Wagoner, I decided to make a Fresh Prince of Bel Air parody on the White House. The same uncle Phil would kick Will's friend Jazz, I did Obama throwing Wagoner out.

The Three Stooges

I believe that in the RNC the three most talking, trying to fight to be the main are these guys. The Republicans are lacking a leader, and will continue to fight each other with their mixed emotions and views on just about everything.

Newt, Cheney, and Steele who's your Republican daddy?

Slum tea bag love

Michael Steele and his 'off the hook' RNC

My take on Michael Steele's outfit and talk comes from his attempt on trying to make the RNC 'off the hook' and hip to attract more Black and Hispanic votes.
The other take on this was when Michael Steele was on a Republican event and gave a speech on how the RNC needs to change, and how they need to saddle up and take this change. This change comes in a tea bag, you ready for some slum love baby?

Another spector but not the other specter; this one's out for murder!!!

Phil Spector accused of murder

I did this cartoon on Phil Spector mainly because of his appearance. I don't go out of politics too much unless it's something worth doing (something I should do most of the time) or in this case, something that definitely catches my eye. By no obvious means am I trying to celebrate this man's life, I guess it was something more visual than anything else.....having said that, this is my take on Phil Spector. If you're able to read the numbers on his inmate shirt, here's what they mean:
04-05-1962 Lana Clarkson's date of birth (Spector's murder victim)
02-03-2003 is date of her death

I figured that would be a better way of linking the murder to him by having him wear her "dates" as his prisoner ID #

I'm in Disney World leave me alone

And we actually watched say anything on tv

This early cartoon on BLAGO shows how "concerned" he was on the charges of organizing a fund raiser to sell Obama's old senate. Even with the FBI wire tapes clearly stating his attempt to sell the seat, he denied any wrong doing and figured he could become a tv icon in the process.

Make sure you buy Blago's new book called "I'm a corrupt politician and you like to watch me on tv"

Your last name sucks!

Yup there's nothing wrong with my name

I don't get it and I won't write much on this, Mark Krikorian.......Sonia Sotomayor, hmm two foreign last names, but....what is considered foreign here in the US? A land founded on immigrants, a land where the real citizen is rarely seen, or heard of.

Well at least Krikorian makes me laugh.


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